Single & Unmarried: Dating mistakes I made as a church girl & Lessons learned

Life As We See It with A and A

Feb 27 2024 • 35 mins

On this episode, we talked about being single and unmarried. Zuki shared dating mistakes and wrong mindset she had in her 20s that impacted the way she viewed relationships, marriage and who an ideal life partner (husband) should be. She shared stories of how her upbringing in a traditional Nigerian/African Igbo home subconciously impacted her ability to live her best life as a SINGLE woman because she did not want to intimidate the right man/husband. She was told she always had to "tone" it down and not do "too much" to attract an ideal man/partner. Having read a lot of romance novels and watched disney movies, she talked about her childhood fantasies of meeting her "knight/prince in shinning armor" who will sweep her off her feet. She talks her earliest childhood crush and about a time she broke off a relationship because the man didn't attend her church. Her advise to young Christian girls is to ensure they strike a balance between their service to God/ministry and building solid relationships (romantics & platonic). Hope you enjoyed this episode? Please leave us a review, share and subscribe. Thank you. #SingleAndUnmarried #DatingAdvice #churchgirl #femalepodcast

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