Working in corporate America as an immigrant VS working in Africa (The struggles & Realities)

Life As We See It with A and A

May 28 2024 • 28 mins

In this episode we share our personal experience on the difference between working in corporate America (as immigrants) versus working in Africa (Nigeria). Having worked in both spaces for couple years, we outlined the differences we have noticed, the pros & cons, likes and dislikes, the dos and dont's, etc. Our con-census is that working in America is more difficult, time consuming, demanding, no work life balance and is more difficult fitting in. However, working in Africa (Nigeria specifically),has better work life balance, people are friendlier, it's easier to fit in and there's better community, etc. On the other hand, in terms of work culture, work efficiency and diversity, working in America is better compared to working in Africa. We also talk about differences in work culture, lifestyle, salary/compensation, diversity, etc. Compensation/salaries as well as employee benefits like 401k, stocks, HSA, etc are better in America. Unlike in America where diversity is big, in Africa (Nigeria), it isn't so, the work force is typically more homogeneous with older people being discriminated against for employment. We talked about how hard it is to fit in in corporate America as an immigrant, you have to "code-switch" and speak the "lingo" to fit into work because you are a minority and have to "act" like the rest of the team to fit in. This isn't the case in Africa (Nigeria) because everyone is similar and so we're free to be our true selves which is really good. This video is a must-watch for anybody hoping to migrate to the USA, Canada, UK or any western country for work so they can learn about the differences between working in Africa and these countries (e.g. America). It will help prepare them and help them set the right expectations. It is also good for immigrants who are already living abroad so they can know that they are not alone in their struggles/experiences. We hope you can identify with our experiences. Please share your own experiences with us in the comment section. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share. Appreciate your support. Thank you! #corporateamerica #nigeriansindiaspora #lifeinamerica #workinusa #nigeriansinabroad #immigrantlife #livinginamerica #japa #livingabroad #podcast #newimmigrants #nigerianpodcasts

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