A Story of Perseverance: My journey to succeeding as a data engineer & immigrant in America

Life As We See It with A and A

Apr 22 2024 • 36 mins

On this episode, we interviewed Opeyemi (Ope) who is a successful data engineer and business owner in America. He came to the US from Nigeria many years ago without much but a fully funded scholarship and a sheer determination to pursue his graduate studies and succeed. He opens up about his childhood struggles. Having lost his father at a very tender age, he helped to support his mom to provide for the family. He recognizes his mom who he credits for all of his success. With little or no education, his mom singlehandedly raised him and his siblings by herself and put them all through school from her small petty trading business. Being gifted by God with intelligence, he excelled in school and always came top of his class. He narrates how he started his fist business (a coaching center) at just 17 and went on to establish many more. He shares his academic/career journey with us, from getting his Masters & PhD to working aa a process engineer at Intel to becoming a data engineer at Amazon. Through his story, it is clear that Opeyemi is very driven and has strategically taken steps to position himself at the cutting edge of innovation. In addition to being a data engineer, he is the founder and owner of Awesum Edge tutors where he teaches data engineering skills including SQL. He also recently started a bakery (Silvafly bakery) where he makes the famous Agege bread which is a staple for most Nigerians who grew up in Lagos. This is just Part 1 of our interview with him. Please come back for part 2 and while you're here, please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe. You can connect with Opeyemi and subscribe to his Youtube channel & business websites. Find Opeyemi's work here:

ouTube channel for Data Engineering Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/@UC4OyOcn4tw5-C1Xb4EQ7gew Awesum Edge Website for SQL/Data Engineering: https://awesumedge.com Silvafly Bakery Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silvaflybakery/

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