Intro: Back To Campus

Back To Campus

Sep 19 2022 • 51 seconds

Do you remember that tiny little mobile phone given to you (or not) as the very first souvenir for adult life?

Or do you have that one epic statement that a favourite professor left you with on your graduation day?

There are these tiny little things, some of which are reasons why you found your first startup, some of which are why you made that career switch

We talk to the many change makers, the disrupters across fields who tell us what it was like for them back in the days, back in college with the Back To Campus Podcast by The Signal.Co.

Hosted by Co-founder at The Signal.Co, Rajneil Kamath, helps us get an insight of those who couldn’t be bothered to follow a conventional career path and made their days at college beyond academic and took learnings for life from there.

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