Live Playthrough: Siege of Treboulain (with Jed Herne)

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Apr 14 2022 • 1 hr 31 mins

Join host Adrian M. Gibson and FanFiAddict's Tori Gross and Connor M. Caplan as they play the beginning of Siege of Treboulain live with its author Jed Herne. They had a great time experiencing the game together, crafting a consistent main character and making decisions as a team (with the occasional inconsistent decision to throw gasoline on the fire). Jed also answered some questions about the game's worldbuilding, character progression and more.

This live playthrough is also a companion to a one-on-one interview with Adrian and Jed, where they chat about Jed's writing process for Siege of Treboulain, comparing that to writing a novel, his podcasting journey and more. Check that out on the podcast feed or on YouTube.



Jed Herne is the fantasy author of Fires of the Dead, Across the Broken Stars, and The Thunder Heist. His latest work is Siege of Treboulain, an epic fantasy interactive fiction game with 280,000 words of playable content, which is out today, April 14th. He is also a podcaster, hosting Wizards, Warriors & Words with authors Dyrk Ashton, Rob J. Hayes and Michael R. Fletcher.

Find Jed on Twitter, Amazon, his personal website and the Wizards, Warriors & Words podcast (on YouTube or Apple Podcasts).

Siege of Treboulain is an epic fantasy interactive fiction game, where you rule Treboulain: a magical, medieval city. When an enemy army beseiges Treboulain, will you have the strength to protect your people? The final game has 9 chapters, with 280,000 words of total playable content.

You can pick up Siege of Treboulain on Steam, or play a free demo of the first two chapters here. For more information or to join a waitlist for the game, click here.


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