Doo-Whop - Velma, Oklahoma

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Feb 26 2024 • 32 mins

I'm souper hungry right now.

Today we are discussing The Doo-whop in Velma, Oklahoma.

The Doo-Whop is a small restaurant that knows a thing or two about feeding big appetites. The restaurant lives by its slogan, “It ain’t food if it ain’t fried!” Serving everything from fried pickles and mozzarella sticks, to chicken fried steaks and curly fries, this restaurant has a passion for fried foods.

Velma-Alma is a humble, community-loving town with a beautiful countryside of meadows and flowing creeks.

Proud home to country music legend Joe Diffie, the 125-year-old annual Old Settler's Picnic, and the tasty Chuckwagon BBQ, this quaint town has all the small-town charm needed for a day trip of history, fun and food.

As Velma developed over the years, the community became more interested in entertainment and social events. The town wanted something more entertaining than taffy pulls and country dances for the younger generations. In 1890, the Old Settler’s Picnic began an annual town tradition still cherished and celebrated today. Families would travel for miles in wagons to camp and enjoy the free community picnic. Ranchers would gladly furnish the main dish, usually barbeque, and ladies would provide complementary dishes of their own. In addition to the picnic, families also participated in local games, such as a swing pulled by a mule, and a variety of races and contests.

News Story from the Daily Oklahoman.

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