247 - Dare to Facilitate! with Jenny Theolin

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Dec 12 2023 • 1 hr 18 mins

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Most of us live our lives in a natural, psychological state of comfort. It’s cushioned, it’s safe - it’s what we know. But what happens when we dare to seek out the unknown? When we raise our heads above the parapet of comfort?

Jenny Theolin dares to live her life in this space. As a facilitator, she braves the difficult questions, has a sixth sense for when to change course, and has curated a toolkit of techniques that intuitively challenge participants to yield the greatest impact. After all, it’s in the pivots, in the furrowed faces, in the zone of discomfort, that we grow. And the more we dare, the further we go!

She joins me in this episode as we explore the possibilities that unfurl when we test our perceived limits, the concept of innovation mashups, and why effective workshops are challenging, and dare I say, uncomfortable.

Find out about:

  • How to become more daring as a facilitator by seeking out experimentation
  • Where to find new inspiration, brave ideas, and facilitation techniques
  • Why workshops can fail when participants feel too comfortable – often, the best facilitators know how to explore discomfort in fruitful ways
  • Why adhering to rigid timelines, processes or schedules can stifle the organic, fluid nature of meaningful learning experiences
  • Why workshops can produce a ripple effect of value – the true benefits manifesting themselves to participants weeks, months, or even years later

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