054 - How to Promote Change with More Impact, Less Pain and Some Joy with Eugenio Moliní

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Apr 1 2020 • 50 mins

As facilitators, change is our business, our livelihood, our North Star.

Eugenio Moliní has spent his life thinking about change. He’s chased it, avoided it, and now he is accepting it. Perhaps more accurately, he has found that it is only by accepting our truths that we can truly find change.

As you might expect from someone with such depth of thought and consideration for the process of change, Eugenio is fascinating to speak with and listen to.

His thoughts on self-acceptance, anxiety, and conflict are astonishing and gave me great cause for reflection. I hope they will do the same for you too.

In this episode, find out about:

  • What helped Eugenio decide to work as an external change agent, rather than an internal one
  • What Eugenio has learned about facilitation from the most unexpected sources
  • How we can identify anxiety and hold it in our shared spaces
  • Why solving conflicts isn’t often necessary or helpful
  • Why self-acceptance is the root of all change

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Questions and Answers

[01:44] When did you start to call yourself a facilitator?

[02:55] What changed that meant you began to receive payment for your services?

[04:47] Can you talk about your background in conflict resolution?

[07:53] How does inner peace impact your practice as a changemaker?

[10:23] What can we learn from silence that we cannot learn from words?

[10:52] Do you use silence in your sessions?

[15:22] Can you explain “the only science you believe in is your own experience” further?

[20:06] How do you define neutrality and how that can work in situations of conflict?

[22:12] What happened that made you take the decision to not work with conflict?

[25:54] Can you explain the paradox of change, and why it is you only believe in change that comes from within the company?

[31:02] What changes when you get the room to state the truth and accept themselves?

[36:04] Can you share an example of working with an organisation in which people want change but not the company?

[39:39] Would you have done anything differently in that difficult situation?

[40:27] How did the ‘oak table’ story end?

[43:20] What makes a workshop fail?

[49:51] If somebody fell asleep just after starting this episode and has just woken up, what is the one thing you would like them to take away?

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