246 - Navigating the New Normal: Challenges and Opportunities of Remote Leadership with Stephan Dohrn

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Dec 6 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

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The fundamental skills of leadership have changed in the 2020s. Whether you’re brand-new to a leadership role or a seasoned veteran, the remote work boom has added a new layer of complexity to your work.

What does it mean to lead in a virtual space and how can we connect, communicate, and inspire others without that face-to-face contact? Stephan Dohrn has been asking these questions for longer than most. In fact, they have been key to his work with Radical Inclusion, Remote-how, and his own consulting business.

He joins me in this episode to explain and explore the changing face of leadership in the age of remote work, the new skills that are needed, and how we can facilitate teams and their leaders into happier, more productive remote working arrangements.

Find out about:

  • Why leadership — and the work of those under leaders — is more habitual than we realise
  • How to make a team gel because of (not in spite of) their different working styles
  • Why traditional, ‘static’ teams are becoming outdated
  • How remote work has made leadership easier and more fruitful, as well as its challenges
  • What to do when ‘team building activities’ don’t appeal to individuals within a team
  • Tools and tips for facilitating team conversations without in-person connections

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