How Kyle Hagge went from working as a high school coach to Lead Community Manager at Morning Brew

Beginner Maps

07-09-2022 • 54 mins

Kyle is the Lead Community Manager at Morning Brew - one of the world's fastest-growing business media companies that was recently valued at more than $75M. Kyle helped them in launching their first ever paid product: a cohort-based career and skills accelerator.

What's remarkable about Kyle's story is how he got here. Before working as Lead Community Manager at the Morning Brew community, he had been a podcast producer, an entrepreneur, a high school coach amongst other seemingly unrelated careers.

In this episode we dive into:

  • How Kyle conducts events with amazing guests where the community is super engaged
  • How he got this job at Morning Brew - his first official role in the community industry
  • Kyle's number one skill for making career pivots - storytelling
  • Why being a beginner in a new domain can be your competitive advantage over experts
  • Kyle's Personal Monopoly
  • What's up next for Kyle in his career?
  • How Kyle makes long-term bets on his career while being present in the moment