TaShon "Woman On Fire"

The Sofa “Pillow Talk”

Jan 10 2024 • 1 hr 26 mins

Coach TaShon Greene

Coach TaShon is a HBCU graduate, author, certified relationship coach, educator, inspirationalist, radio personality and more. She is the creator of S.T.E.P.S Coaching, Woman On Fire~Testimonies of Triumphs Podcast© and The Male Room…Messages From Him with TaShon & Friends radio show. With her platforms, Coach TaShon is inspired to provide both women and men with healthy and effective strategies geared towards building successful relationships.

She’s not a “California Dreamer” but a true “California Girl”- born in Los Angeles, California, Trinette L. CollierGreene has traveled all over but now calls Georgia her home. She has coined the title “inspirationalist” and has set out to inspire others to develop better relationships with their loved ones.

Along with inspiring others with her zest for life and love, Coach TaShon has many talents and interests-she loves to dance, listen to music, engage with social media, and dabble in arts and crafts. She has also proclaimed herself to be a “certified foodie” as she loves to visit restaurants and eateries. She is the renaissance “girlie girl.”

It is through her advocacy of life and celebration that her gifts and talents have manifested.

She is Trinette L. CollierGreene

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