Reality of Pan Masala Industry | Nitish Rajput | Hindi

Nitish Rajput Podcast

Sep 29 2023 • 25 mins

Advertisements is a time tested weapon to sell and market products, be it through print media aur digital media. Given its impact, it plays a significant role in setting an image of a product in the mind of its target audience. Hence it becomes imperative to keep a check on the kind of products been advertised. Another sector that has a high influence on society is bollywood. The products advertised by them generally see an increased sale in the consumer market. This is common knowledge but the irony is some banned products are also being endorsed by these actors under the name of surrogacy ads. Recently bollywood megastars have been criticised for endorsing tobacco products. When asked, each of them have responded carefully to save their image, but the big question is why people of such influence are being a part of this campaigning. Can they be questioned for their moral responsibility. Another big question is how come banned products been advertised openly. Whats their business structure, how much money do they have, what support system do they have and lastly what harm is it doing to our society, lets discuss.