Paradise Lost with Emilio Perez

Swell Season

Feb 2 2023 • 1 hr 26 mins

Emilio Perez's paintings and works on paper can be described as abstract expressionist… with a graphic component. He produces punchy, energetic compositions full of knotted, flowing forms that emerge from loosely painted passages of color. He has been represented by some of the largest galleries in the world and has produced some incredible large scale pieces in places such as Time Square and The Malecon in Cuba. He came to surfing later in his life but has been a NYC devoted core surfer for over 20 years. The energy in his work is influenced by the rhythm of music and the movement of the ocean. Emilio Perez is our guest on this episode of the Swell Season Surf Podcast.

For more information you can go to or follow him on instagram @emilioperezart

The Swell Season Podcast is recorded by The NewsStand Studio at Rockefeller Center in the heart of Manhattan and is distributed by The Swell Season Surf Radio Network.

Song 1): Strange Overtones
Artist: David Byrne & Brian Eno
Album: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Song 2): Echale Salsita
Artist: Ignacio Pineiro
Album: A Cuba Le Toco

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