ReAwakening Ancestral Wisdom And The Psychedelic Renaissance | Belinda Eriacho ~ ATTMind 167

Adventures Through The Mind

Oct 27 2022 • 1 hr 38 mins

Belinda Eriacho joins us today to explore the intersection of the psychedelic renaissance and ancestral wisdom; connecting with our own ancestry; and what indigenous people bring to the psychedelic renaissance and the problems created by their absence.

We also talk about being in right relationship with sacred plants and where that does and doesn't not overlap with recreational use; how to cultivate reciprocity with indigenous peoples in psychedelic movements; the value and importance of supporting ethical psychedelic companies; and how legislating psychedelic medicine may help support the healing of intergenerational trauma held by indigenous people in North America.



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Episode Breakdown

  • (0:00) Join me for The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Nov 4-6 2022, more details and no-charge access to livestream can be found here:
  • (2:22) Introducing our guest and the topic of the episode
  • (4:41) Thank you, Patrons!
  • (6:49) Interview begins
  • (7:46) Belinda’s offering of land acknowledgment
  • (8:53) Belinda Eriacho’s cultural lineage
  • (11:53) The meaningfulness of being able to openly speak indigenous languages
  • (14:34) Our indigenous ancestry lives on in our blood | awakening to our ancestry
  • (17:56) Connecting with our ancestry through the land, even if we no longer live on that ancestral land
  • (21:47) The reawakening of ancestral wisdom is underway
  • (25:39) The intersection of the Psychedelic Renaissance and Indigenous/Ancestral Wisdom
  • (28:33) The cultural and relational context needed to awaken ancestral wisdom | the different possibilities of ceremonial vs recreational psychedelic use
  • (33:38) What indigenous people bring to the psychedelic renaissance
  • (36:27) Discussing the potential value and losses of the “middle ground” of psychedelic use, neither fully recreational nor fully ceremonial
  • (44:46) Being in right relationship with sacred plants (and medicines)
  • (48:21) Holding even psychedelic chemicals with reverence
  • (49:56) Learning to deepen our relationship with all plants
  • (52:33) The music of the plants | training our gut feeling
  • (57:34) Connection, psychedelics, and the many levels of one’s being
  • (1:01:20) Psilocybin mushrooms are not a tool | additional value
  • (1:02:57) “Medicine” from a Native American perspective (is not the same as medication)
  • (1:04:57) The meaning of “understand” vs “innerstand”
  • (1:06:43) Two issues with indigenous people are not being included in the psychedelic renaissance
  • (1:11:01) Belinda’s thoughts on how to cultivate reciprocity with indigenous peoples
  • (1:16:35) The value of supporting ethical psychedelic companies
  • (1:18:37) Legislating psychedelic medicine and healing the intergenerational trauma of indigenous people
  • (1:27:27) We need to protect the spiritual element of psychedelic medicine
  • (1:29:58) Crazy;Wise (a documentary suggestion from Belinda)
  • (1:31:14) Why any of these actually matters
  • (1:33:43) Closing comments and a final invitation to listeners
  • (1:35:28) Follow-up links and contact information
  • (1:36:55) Outro | Please support ethical psychedelic companies/organization



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