Episode #8: Sonia Sunger, Global News BC, Shares the Importance of Modern Day Media and Where We Are Heading

Women of Wonder Podcast

Nov 17 2023 • 40 mins

Back for a second time with Women of Wonder, Sonia Sunger, who has been a news anchor and journalist in BC for the last 15 years, shares her views on media and the crisis of misinformation. If we can’t trust the media, where do we turn? There is a significant push for education around the importance of media in society and something Sonia has dedicated her career to.

We also explore women needing to take back their agency around their health. With the healthcare industry focusing on the male body in studies, we are only started to get the attention required to save lives and improve quality of life. What can women do to take initiative and ensure they don’t fall into the cracks of the systems? We have plenty of room to improve so starting the conversation happens here.

Sonia is a mother and community advocate and we are excited to share more of her story and perspective with you! Enjoy the new episode.

Find Sonia on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/soniasunger/

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