Ellison says “f@*# You” to Balance Sheet Critics, IGO’s Real Numbers & Pilbara’s Plans

Money of Mine

Feb 22 2024 • 52 mins

We start off with MinRes’s hotly anticipated half year call, which didn’t disappoint. Then we pealed back the key details from IGO’s call before chatting about what’s happening at Pilbara Minerals (PLS).

Some of the figures from Fortescue’s (FMG) had to get a mention before we rounded off with some lithium chat, as Piedmont (PLL) shared they’d sold down their interest in Sayona (SYA).

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(0:00:32)Min Res capitalising on Nickel

(0:03:18)Exploration Hail Mary's

(0:04:57)MIN's Ellison on critics, lithium, nickel + Onslow

(0:33:55)IGO dodge q's

(0:37:43)Pilbara look to shore up balance sheet

(0:43:16)Fortescue printing money

(0:46:33)Piedmont sell down Sayona stake… why?