TPP 369: Parent Lean-In — Help! My Child Struggles with Games and Competition

TILT Parenting: Raising Differently Wired Kids

Apr 4 2024 • 19 mins

Parenting Coach Margaret Webb joins Debbie Reber for this Parent Lean-In episode, where they answer a listener question: Our 9 year old (autism, ADHD, anxiety) struggles with games/ any competition and responds with physical aggression when he loses. We have tried many therapies and medication with no changes in this area. We know this is a nervous system response and possible PDA response, thus accommodate at home by allowing him to win. However he has started to play games at school and is having outbursts as his peers don't accommodate and will win. I'm not sure if our accommodations are inadvertently creating more issues as he is so used to winning and if we should create more opportunities at home for him to lose so he can learn to work through it, however I feel like we've tried that and he still was never able to cope. Would love any ideas! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit