S1 E64 : Urdu Shayari Mein Mehboob Ki Tareef


Nov 10 2023 • 16 mins

In this captivating episode of the Rekhta Podcast, delve into the enchanting world of Urdu Shayari as we explore the art of expressing love through poetic verses. Titled "Urdu Shayari Mein Mehboob Ki Tareef," the episode unravels the intricacies of praising one's beloved through the rich tapestry of Urdu poetry. Hosted by Ritesh Yadav, the discussion is heightened by references to Hitesh Gupta Adil's book, "Humsafar: The World of Urdu Poetry." This collection of love-themed poems, accompanied by English translations, serves as a poetic guide, unraveling the timeless beauty and depth found in the eloquence of Urdu expressions of love.

This episode is contributed by Priyamvada Singh

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