89. What are the First Words that Come to Mind When You Think About Converting Ideal Clients Through VISIBILITY?

Higher Self & I

06-06-2022 • 21 mins

Are you confident enough to yell out to the world… “Hello World! This is me!” or does the sheer thought trigger your anxiety. Showing up and being visible isn’t a natural skill that everyone is born with.

In today’s episode, we melt away the pressure we put on ourselves to be a content creator goddess and instead dive deep into our ideal client and what attracts them to sign with us. Instead of standing in your way for fear of judgment, own up and know that this is not your zone of genius. I’m thrilled to say with the right support, guidance and resources you can be well on your way to signing consistent clients through the art of visibility!

In today’s episode we chat about:

- The key phrases that my clients spout day in and day out which stops them from taking action and feeling like visibility could be part of their strategy

- How to reframe your embarrassment into an opportunity to learn and upskill

- How I will help you sign clients consistently

- My top tips to get you started in converting through your visibility

- The best way to hook your clients in really understand how to talk to your ideal client

- Prompts to help you dig deep into your client avatar so you know exactly how to speak to them and what to speak to them about

- Why the transformation is so important to share with your ideal client

- How to make your ideal client feel seen and heard so that they can connect with you on a deeper level.

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