Cameron Passmore: Luck and the Long Game

Digging Deep with Mark Sutcliffe

Apr 1 2022 • 1 hr 18 mins

Cameron Passmore takes a very different approach from a lot of other people in the investment world. He doesn’t promise to pick winning stocks or outperform the market, and he doesn’t claim to have some special knowledge or intuition. In fact, as far as he's concerned, you shouldn't believe anyone who tells you they can predict the future. That's a big theme in this episode, and it applies to more than just the markets. Cameron’s journey has taken him from a job in a butcher shop to becoming the majority owner and executive chairman of PWL Capital. A big step in that journey happened when he met some of the senior people at Shopify very early on, as they were building their business. It's a success story that's not close to being over.

Cameron has a hundred-year plan for his business, and he explains why, to him, that's much more important than the instant gratification of making a big sale or landing a huge client. We also talk about how taking care of people should apply to your employees just as much as it applies to your customers, why so many of us are trying to climb a ladder on a wall that’s on fire, the importance of luck, and why you can’t just sit around waiting for luck to happen.

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