[Ep.9]Get Your F**king A** Up and Work


Jun 21 2022 • 2 hrs 8 mins

In today's episode, we have our FIRST GUEST EVER WOO!!! Amy of Amy and Chloe Events joins us to discuss entrepreneurship and the woes and wins of owning a small business!! We discuss the paths that led us to start our own companies and all of the fun elements of that choice + some realistic difficulties that come along with it too! If you are considering quitting the 9-5 or just curious YOU BETTER LISTEN!

Insta: @toolongdidntlistenpod

Email: toolongdidntlisten@gmail.com

Hosts: Alex (@itsalexdesouza) & Chloe (@chhlooeee)

Producer: Ilya (@ilyac19)

Music: Cai Music (@cai_music)

Artwork: Morgane (@morganebarratt / morganebarratt.design)

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