[Ep.11]Let’s Talk About ADHD Baby


Jun 28 2022 • 1 hr 39 mins

Today we talk for too long about ADHD, the signs, the symptoms, and the tools!! This episode is for you whether you have it and want to laugh at the relatability, you THINK you have it and this is the push to get tested, or you’re a totally normal human who needs to find some humor and empathy for those of us who aren’t. We talk about different coping methods we’ve used as well as medications available (talk to your doctor!!) and have moments of continued clarity as we call out the cliches of being neurodivergent

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Hosts: Alex (@itsalexdesouza) & Chloe (@chhlooeee)

Producer: Ilya (@ilyac19)

Music: Cai Music (@cai_music)

Artwork: Morgane (@morganebarratt / morganebarratt.design)

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