Ep. 4 A Financial Plan In 6 Easy Steps

Living Richer

Dec 10 2020 • 21 mins

While most people could benefit from working with a financial advisor, anyone can go through these steps and create their own financial plan.

In this podcast, Mark walks you through 6 steps to help you create a financial plan that will turn your goals into action. It is equally valuable for those just starting out as it is for those nearing retirement or already in retirement. The goals may be different, but the process is the same.

While most people have great intentions when it comes to creating a plan, too often they don’t follow through. You’ll learn tangible actions that you can take to help improve the likelihood of success.

  • What the first step in designing a financial plan should be.
  • Why having an emergency fund is so important.
  • Why you should never start by focusing on investments
  • How estate planning fits in and the things it should include.

Once it’s complete, your financial plan provides you with clarity, understanding, motivation, and insight into every single area of your personal finances. It allows you to navigate your financial journey with confidence. It will ensure that your financial decisions are aligned with your short-term and long-term financial goals.