Ep. 7 Ten Resolutions for 2021

Living Richer

Jan 3 2021 • 15 mins

As we move into 2021, it’s a tradition to come up with resolutions. But instead of hauling out those familiar New Year’s resolutions about eating less and exercising more, Mark discusses steps to improve your fiscal health. He provides ten suggested resolutions that, if followed, will go a long way toward helping to ensure that your later years will be financially secure.

Resolutions include:

  • Getting your personal balance sheet in order. Everything else really proceeds from this, so take the time to bring all these numbers up to date.
  • Why this year, perhaps more than before, it’s important to review your budget, spending and savings strategies.
  • Risk levels have been on the rise. Now is the time to revisit your asset allocation to make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of risk you’re taking.
  • If you’re in retirement or within 10 years of it, commit to evaluating your sources of income to make sure everything is still on track.
  • Understand how tax is impacting your investments and look for ways to minimize it. As Mark often says, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep".

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