Dennis Fisher: The Conqueror of Kitchens

Tender Listener

Nov 4 2022 • 1 hr 24 mins

Tender Listener welcomes Dennis Fisher, a professional chef, father, and friend-to-all... He brings a heaping spoonful of awareness and insight in this episode. Telling tales of Thai food, living in Pacific Beach, CA, attending CIA in New York City, running kitchens for major hotel chains, to country clubs, and even his own restaurant. Sharing his turning point in life, when he realized it was time to "feed" himself, and dedicate attention to nourishing his emotional & spiritual side.

Dennis and I are friends, from way back to junior high school, in Fairfax, VA at Robinson Secondary school. He was a top athlete in the football program, but also independent minded, doing his own thing true to his personality; which is one of the many reasons he and I are birds of a feather. His stories are honest, from the heart, real, and sometimes funny. If you are a fan of Kitchen Confidential and the chef Anthony Bourdain, you'll immediately take a liking to Dennis, he came up in the hospitality business before Food Network and restaurant reality TV, but is his own brand of entertainment: full of dedication to making good food, feeding people, and being a decent human being.

I very much enjoyed our conversation, the bits of reminiscence, hearing his love for his girls, and his attitude about the care he is giving to himself.

Thanks so much for tuning in and checking it out.

Much love ~ Amy Liz

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