Episode 1: All Women Outdoors with Vanessa Nunez

We The Wild Ones

Jan 29 2021 • 37 mins

Vanessa Nunez, an adventurer and creator of the Instagram account All Women Outdoors. Vanessa started her outdoor adventures after moving to Colorado from Huston and then proceeded to hike up a mountain for a coworker’s wedding. It wasn't just any mountain, it was Mt Bierstadt, a hike of 7.5 miles with an elevation gain of 2,782 ft. Which also ended up being her favorite hike and her least favorite hike that she’s done so far.

Vanessa started the All Women Outdoors Instagram page with the hope of showing that everyone can go outdoors and that there’s no particular shape or size or color or background that someone needs to have to be hashtag outdoorsy.

Her best adventure advice is to have an open mind, but we talk about so much more than just that!

Thanks to Max Kerner for the new music and Kayne for my new logo!

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