Episode 0: Introduction

We The Wild Ones

Jan 23 2021 • 6 mins

Things are changing! And maybe somewhat rapidly from the outside view, but oh so slowly from my point of view. But finally, finally, I get to reveal the big exciting thing!

Which is exciting, and kind of sad in a way, I guess.

Exciting that Winnie the RV the podcast is evolving into a completely different podcast, sad that Winnie the RV the podcast will be no more. But she will rest easy knowing that the transition has been for the better.

In this mini-episode, I give you guys the scoop on what is happening and when you'll be able to view the new podcast in all its glory. Things are changing and it's pretty dang exciting if you ask me!

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Winnie the RV

Sounds and effects from Zapsplat.com

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