Episode 6: Seeking Challenges

We The Wild Ones

May 21 2021 • 42 mins

Quinn Connell has led a pretty exciting life, but I do have to send some thanks out to Becky, his girlfriend, and my climbing partner, for getting us in touch. Quinn is a multi-sport athlete and is currently living in New England, which as we all know has a lot of great things going for it, but also at the same time not much. This has kind of made Quinn into the multi-sport athlete he is today. From kayaking to skiing, to rock climbing and most recently paragliding, he's done a lot.

We sat down and chatted about just a few of the adventures he's been on plus a few adventures he's currently planning for in the very near future. He gives some good advice on how to be more adventurous as well as some pretty great stories of kayak adventures, or we could maybe even call them expeditions.

For all the time it took us to coordinate schedules to make the interview happen, it was definitely worth it.

The Three Questions I ask Everyone:

  • What’s one nonessential item you can’t live without? – Time outside
  • If you could have one useless superpower, what would it be? – Never losing things
  • What’s your best tip for living an adventurous life? – Just commit, a plane ticket is a click away, all it takes for something o being a conversation to actually happening. Shift your mindset from it being a someday to being a that day.

Thanks to Max Kerner for the music and Kayne for my logo!

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Mentioned Links

  • The Stikine River – Kayaking trip
  • Pakistan Trip - pop Quinn an email with any questions
  • World Class Kayak Academy - website
  • Late Night Show - episode

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