Episode 8: Strong Like a Girl - Part 2

We The Wild Ones

Jun 18 2021 • 43 mins

This is part two of the Strong Like a Girl episode and I might be even more excited to share this one than I was the first. Kristine finishes her thoughts on climbing, and what it has given her, not just externally like friends and adventures, but internally and how it has made her a stronger person. Five or so other strong ladies also submitted their voices and stories, and they can probably tell you a lot better than I can paraphrase.

I know for me, strong like a girl means so many things. It’s about doing the thing, no matter what the thing is, even when people doubt you can do it, even if you doubt you can do it. It’s being scared but doing the thing anyway, it’s putting yourself out there and doing things that are uncomfortable. It’s changing plans when the plan doesn’t go the way you thought it would. It’s being kind and open to new ideas or different experiences.

Climbing has made me stronger, physically, mentally, emotionally. I’m more confident in myself, more confident in my abilities, and more open to talking with people, whether that’s just chatting with someone at the crag or actually admitting to myself and others that I’ve got more than just surface problems.

The ladies who shared their stories have different ways that climbing has changed them, what it has done for them. They come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different lifestyles, and yet we are all united by this one thing. By this one dumb sport.

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