Episode 3: Writing Your Own Story

We The Wild Ones

Feb 26 2021 • 45 mins

After committing to running a marathon and then vowing to never do it again, Joe Cerniglia has broken that vow. Since then, not only has Coach Joe taken part in the Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon, and numerous others, he has competed and finished as an Ironman seven times. He is currently working with the Hartford High School Boys Basketball team in Vermont as a performance enhancement coach. Performance enhancement utilizes psychological skills to improve the abilities of athletes who use them. These skills involve self-talk, goal setting, mental rehearsal or imagery, and mindfulness.

Joe and I chat about learning to let go of the past and, as crazy as it sounds, committing to be ready to die in scary moments. You can either panic and worry about that tiny percent that you might die, or you can embrace it and accept that is a small possibility. Take a really negative thought and being able to turn it into a positive.

Thanks to Max Kerner for the music and Kayne for the logo!

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