Episode 2: Coming to the Surface

We The Wild Ones

Feb 12 2021 • 39 mins

In today’s episode, I met up with a fellow gym climber after we happened to start chatting a little about how much climbing has given both of us. Alicia is an open transgender woman who found climbing in a darker part of her life while she was transitioning. Climbing was this immediate attraction for her, one of those things that just feels right. We actually got started talking while sitting at the bottom of a climb at the gym we both go to and how meeting people to climb with is hard, especially with covid, and especially more so being transgender.

Alicia shared her story of her transition with me and we chatted a little about her journey and her climbing journey.

Please note there is a mention of depression and suicidal thoughts at minute 6:30 so feel free to skip over that second if you find it triggering.

Also if you or someone you know needs to talk, please, please don't be afraid to get in touch with Alicia or me. I have linked several support groups and help lines below.

Thanks to Max Kerner for the music and Kayne for the logo!

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