Bonus Episode: Strength, Flexibility, and Being Competition Ready, with "The Cheerkin"

The Cheer Mom Podcast

Sep 15 2023 • 19 mins

Welcome to the first bonus episode of The Cheer Mom Blog! Bonus episodes are bit-sized episodes, packed with information.

In this episode, I talk with Deryn, "The Cheerkin" all about how athletes can be competition-ready, how they can get stronger and more flexible, and how parents can support.

Deryn is a former allstar cheerleader and coach, she's an MSc graduate and Registered Kinesiologist. She created The Cheer Kin for two reasons: 1) To help cheerleaders reach their goals, and 2) To act as a credible source of information to educate athletes, coaches and parents on the science behind cheerleading.

She serves the cheer industry by changing the approach to athlete development, skill progression and competition preparation.

You can find Deryn and all the great resources she provides at or @thecheerkin on Instagram!