Surprising Opportunities College Cheer Can Bring

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Feb 14 2024 • 52 mins

Today's episode we're here to talk about college cheer from the perspective of an actual college athlete. But not in a way that you might think. Cheerleading in college is something that I think a lot of times as parents look to as a status symbol.

And it is especially now, seeing your cheerleader make a college team can mean all kinds of opportunities. Like an incredible game day experience that not many people get to have. It is a built-in community. It's almost like a sorority of its own, like unofficially.

Being on the cheer team may provide additional resources. Like access to. Athletic meal plans or venues that they might not otherwise have experienced. Those are all good things. Campus life, the letter jackets, all of the automatic things that we think about when it comes to college cheerleading.

But one thing that you may not be thinking about, I certainly hadn't, is the other opportunities that being on a cheer team in college bring that are applicable to what the students may be studying. So I got to sit down with a University of Colorado Boulder cheerleader.

Joie is a senior at CU Boulder. She has been in cheerleading for so much of her life and went on to be a college cheerleader. My daughter introduced Joie to me and mentioned she was the social media captain for the cheer team.

I never really thought about that being an official position or official role within the cheer team. And I honestly never thought about a student running the social media account. How cool is it that a student not only gets to run the social media account, but there's a role for like social media and marketing captain. It turns out she was a marketing and advertising major.

I won't spoil the rest of the interview, but Joey and I talk about the opportunities afforded to her and potential opportunities that could be afforded to your athlete by being a part of the cheer team at their college or university and what that can translate into beyond a great game day or spirit or campus life experience. Joie is such a sweetheart. She took time out of her two and three a day practices during national season to talk to me and Joie, I just appreciate you so much. You're going to do amazing things.

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