Pierluca D'Oro and Martin Klissarov

TalkRL: The Reinforcement Learning Podcast

Nov 13 2023 • 57 mins

Pierluca D'Oro and Martin Klissarov on Motif and RLAIF, Noisy Neighborhoods and Return Landscapes, and more!

Pierluca D'Oro is PhD student at Mila and visiting researcher at Meta.

Martin Klissarov is a PhD student at Mila and McGill and research scientist intern at Meta.

Featured References

Motif: Intrinsic Motivation from Artificial Intelligence Feedback
Martin Klissarov*, Pierluca D'Oro*, Shagun Sodhani, Roberta Raileanu, Pierre-Luc Bacon, Pascal Vincent, Amy Zhang, Mikael Henaff

Policy Optimization in a Noisy Neighborhood: On Return Landscapes in Continuous Control
Nate Rahn*, Pierluca D'Oro*, Harley Wiltzer, Pierre-Luc Bacon, Marc G. Bellemare

To keep doing RL research, stop calling yourself an RL researcher
Pierluca D'Oro