Ep. 814: Jake Paul Is Giving Conor McGregor A Taste Of His Own Medicine

The Fighter & The Kid

13-07-2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

The boys discuss the best pizza they’ve ever had, Brendan pretending to not be hungry in front of hot girls, Mark's shocking eating habits, Brendan’s depression after finishing The Bates Motel series, whether Hasim Rahman Jr. got the best of Jake Paul in their recent press conference, how Jake Paul has taken Conor McGregor's style of fight promotion and trolling to a whole different level, the ethics of the infamous dolly incident, Dana White giving a member of the Nelk Boys 250k for his birthday, Lebron James walking back his statements about Brittney Griner and whether or not Brian Urlacher is right to accuse ex NFL players of faking CTE for money.

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