NFL Week 4 Full Recap | Biggest Takeaways

Marv on Air - Daily Sports Show

Oct 3 2023 • 20 mins

Recapping all of the NFL games from the weekend but in one key point because I don't have time to do more than that. If you Enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe! (It's Free) Wanting to go to experience a live event but unsure if you want to hand out the big bucks to do it?? Life is SHORT! Go out and EXPERIENCE it with live events all over the country! Use code "MARVONAIR" for $20 off your first order at SeatGeek! Twitter: MarvOnAir_show Instagram: MarvOnAir_Show Tik Tok: NFL,NFL recap,Week 4 recap,NFL week 4,nfl daily show,nfl podcast,best of nfl week 4,pmt,pardon my take,pat mcafee,pat mcafee show,patriots,patriots takeaways,mac jones,cowboys,eagles,commanders highlights,seahawks,giants,seahawks vs giants,toystory game,dolphins,jets,bills,chiefs,josh allen,taylor swift,nfl swifties,nfl refs,nfl officials,sauce gardner,geno smith,good morning football,first take,stephen a smith,prime,Deion Sanders,college football