Episode 2.2 - Mopeds and Death Threats

Hole in the Head Moto Podcast

Aug 1 2020 • 33 mins

This season of the podcast is an evolving one, so if you haven’t heard the first episode yet, I suggest going back and starting there.

Last week I said that every adventure starts with a conversation - and with a certain point of view I can trace some pretty major events in my life back to a single comment or informal sidebar that seemed irrelevant at the time.

I once worked in an art gallery with a woman who also ran a yoga studio - she was the nicest person I’ve ever met, so I had no argument when she said I should give it a try.  So I went to a few classes, was the only guy in the room and met this cute lady that I would eventually propose to in a hot air balloon in Turkey.  I don’t want to overly proscribe some butterfly effect hooey, but the fact is one conversation   an entirely new trajectory for my life.  It’s a fact.

And as I revisit these sessions with Blaine in the editing process, it’s kind of amazing to hear the unscripted groundwork we were laying, oblivious to the universe’s order or randomness - whichever you prefer.

In our conversation this week, we cover some pretty disparate topics, but mostly make fun of my choices of words and use of business software. But as Blaine reveals what he thinks is a clever way to praise one of my fancier motorcycles, he writes a proverbial check, that we're eventually gonna have to cash.

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