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The Last Episode | ThisConnect Season 01 Ep 20
Apr 14 2023
The Last Episode | ThisConnect Season 01 Ep 20
Episode 20 marks the end of the first Season of #ThisConnect, our #podcast. For the past 5 months, we've loved interacting with you in the comments' stream. So for this episode we decided to pick two comments from each episode that really made us think. These are your comments and this is what Kartikeya Singhee and Shumi are thinking on those topics. - It's a long episode, three times the normal size, so we've broken the chapters into "questions" and "answers". Do feel free to skip ahead if you like. And we do have questions for you at the end (in the last chapter). We would like to hear from you! Thank you so much for watching! We're super thrilled you all have enjoyed ThisConnect so much! We hope to see you on Season 2, very soon! ~ CHAPTERS 00:00-00:58 Introduction 00:59-02:13 Q: Riding Gear 02:14- 04:27 All The Gear All The Time 04:28-06:27 Q: Family Perspective 06:28-11:20 The State Of Fear 11:2-15:18 Q: India's Two-Wheeler Market 15:19-17:23 India's The Next Big Thing 17:24-17:41 Q: Yamaha Fans' Woes 17:42-19:14 Yamaha's A Bit Lost 19:15-19:44 Q: Stock Bikes on Racetracks? 19:45-21:06 Stock Bikes + Racetracks is OK! 21:07-21:12 Q: Racetracks are far! 21:13-23:32 Good Things Need Effort 23:33-24:56 Q:Price vs Value 24:57-26:44 Cars Today? Outstanding Value 26:45-28:11 Q: Features vs Trim Packages 28:12-33:41 Trim Levels & Value 33:42-34:33 Q: Restoring Old Bikes 34:34- 36:44 Restoratings Need Patience! 36:45-37:26 Q: Ideal Adv for India? 37:27-40:29 Spec vs Reality 40:30-43:16 Q: Who Buys Vehicles in India? 43:17-47:17 India Customers Play Safe 47:18-48:12 Q: How Important is VFM? 48:13-49:10 Security of Purchase 49:11-49:35 Q: MotorInc Meet-ups? 49:36-49:55 Meet-ups Coming Soon! 49:46-50:18 Q: Will EVs Take Over Soon? 50:19-50:43 The Dream Is Bigger Than Fuel Source 50:44-51:07 Q: How Do We Test Vehicles 51:08-55:26 The Database Of Things 55:27-1:00:49 Quick Q&A Session! 1:00:50-1:01:22 Q: Run Flat Tyres 1:01:23-1:03:32 Run Flat's Are Real! 1:03:33-1:04:11 Tip: Checks For Used Vehicles 1:04:12-1:05:17 Read The Manual Too! 1:05:18-1:05:56 Tip: Rent Before You Buy! 1:05:57-1:06:33 Great Tip! Do Rent! 1:06:34-1:07:08 Q: Slow Bikes Rock! 1:07:09-1:08:25 Ride Your Own Ride! 1:08:26-1:09:00 Q: Status Vs What We Really Do? 1:09:01-1:10:15 Status Is Part Of Growth Process 1:10:16-1:10:55 Q: Delivery Day Photo Mystery 1:10:56-1:12:24 The First Photo You Remember... 1:12:25-1:18:24 Books Books Books! 1:18:25-1:18:36 Q: Dashcams/Aux Lights 1:18:37-1:23:43 The Festival Of Worrying 1:23:44-1:25:00 Q: Blessed To Be Out Riding 1:25:01-1:26:36 Riding vs Tourism! 1:26:37-1:27:11 Q: Is Fitness Important? 1:27:12-1:30:50 Yes. But Not A Barrier 1:30:51-1:31:16 Q: Patience is Important, Right? 1:31:17-1:32:27 System & Us Need Change 1:32:28-1:32:52 Q: Who Fails a Driving Test? 1:32:53-1:35:47 Almost No One! 1:35:48-1:37:18 Season 02's Coming Soon