Episode 2.8 - If nothing happens, nothing happens.

Hole in the Head Moto Podcast

Sep 13 2020 • 45 mins

This episode marks the final installment of my conversations with one of my closest friends and motorcycle accomplices - Blaine Dehmlow.  And as this recurring chat about motorcycles produced an unexpected Moto Morini, why wouldn’t the conversation about its delivery produce an unexpected road trip?

*Sorry in advance for the insane amount of F-bombs in this episode. It was a rough week.


Any motoring story I have… started with a chat, and in retrospect, the adventure was an inevitable manifestation of a sometimes completely-unrelated conversation.

For this season of the Hole in the Head Podcast, I wanted to see if I could capture that evolution in real-ish time by setting aside some space every week with a guy I’ve known for nearly a decade now. Join me, Andy Taylor and one of my best friends Blaine Dehmlow as we talk trash and have some meandering heart-to-hearts about old cars and motorcycles, our families and how they all fit together.

…and eventually, accidentally build something out of nothing.