Episode 2.5 - Misaligned Priorities & Motorcycle-by-Proxy

Hole in the Head Moto Podcast

Aug 22 2020 • 25 mins

Every adventure starts with a conversation, and this one is well under way.
In our last chat we were in awe about the universe’s master plan to fulfill Blaine’s lifelong goal of having a particularly collectible motorcycle, without the pre-requisite of my untimely demise.  A passed-up BMW led to a purchased BMW led to space becoming available in my garage, which was promptly filled with a Moto Guzzi, which introduced a very attainable Moto Morini 3 1/2. But of course, that’s all irrelevant until he actually gets the bike….

Blaine is a little pouty again, but, with good reason.  I dropped the ball and did not get over to see the Morini like I wanted to, but not to worry the guy hadn’t sold it,  I was just having a particularly bummer week.  Since before the pandemic, all the way back in 2019, my personal and professional spheres have been … hectic.   I’ll spare the detail, but the long and short of it is - expending energy to chase something you don’t have any passion for is exhausting.  And when it doesn’t go smoothly, living like a raw nerve isn’t pleasant for anyone.

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