Episode 2.1 - Dirty Germans and Adult Children

Hole in the Head Moto Podcast

Jul 26 2020 • 32 mins

The first season of the Storytime podcast was three episodes of scripted tales outlining some very life-sized motorcycle adventures.  I’ve still got stories and some interviews that I want to share, but I’m not sure if the scripted audiobook format is appropriate at the moment.  It’s a lot of looking back and remembering and frankly, more of an exercise in prose than adventuring.

And any story I have… started with a chat, and in retrospect, the adventure was the manifestation of the conversation that started it.

For most of my motoring adulthood, there have been a few guys who have either instigated or at least supported this ridiculous  pursuit -  and conversations with these guys often start around some dumb idea or shifting opinion, and they inevitably meander and evolve over a few more conversations into some dumb event we’ve somehow committed ourselves to.

For this season of Hole in the Head, I wanted to try and capture that evolution in real-ish time by setting aside some space every week with a guy I’ve known for nearly a decade now.  My friend Blaine and I have been in the middle of a few nowheres - and we even used to do a podcast together in San Francisco called Safety Third.

When we started this project, I had no idea what it was going to be or where it would go.  In fact, it’s still evolving.   But, the meanders and non-sequiturs have taken root and begun a cascade of dominoes that lead to another adventure - this time, in the middle of a pandemic,

I hope you’ll join us as Blaine and I have some meandering heart-to-hearts about old cars and motorcycles, our families and how they all fit in our lives.

And please do forgive the audio for the first couple installments as we were sorting the technical bits of recording virtually.

Let’s see what happens…. I hope you stick around and enjoy Season 2 - "Everything is OK" from the Hole in the Head Moto Storytime Podcast.

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