Episode 2.3 - Persistent Germans and Other Generalizations

Hole in the Head Moto Podcast

Aug 8 2020 • 48 mins

This season of the podcast is an evolving conversation with one of my closest friends that ultimately results in a ridiculous endeavor, so I do suggest starting at the beginning.

In this session, the inevitability of adventure quietly expands.  At this point in our recordings, Blaine and I  no real ideas or scheme beyond just showing up, or really how this was going to be different than any other conversational podcast on any given topic.  But you can’t connect dots that don’t exist, so we persevered, without any dictate of arc or motive beyond talking about some things that brought us a little joy. And if nothing else, we could just make fun of people who were very much like ourselves.
So when an old topic returned from an unexpected direction, it seemed a coincidence, but it sets up a line of dominoes.

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