S1E13 - Rebecca Lobo, 1995 Winner

The CWSA Podcast

Feb 22 2021 • 43 mins

As the youngest of three children, Rebecca Lobo, was the tagalong sister that took her into the world of sports and she spent time alone in her rural town shooting hoops on her stone pebble driveway. Hours of practice eventually led to a full scholarship at University of Connecticut - a decision she made that was not supported by her parents. We hear about her decision and the collegiate culmination of winning a national championship as she describes the weekend in Minneapolis that changed her life. She recounts her pride in winning the Honda Cup, and especially because it was more than basketball and especially notable since it was in the early days when women were not getting the recognition they deserved in sport. Rebecca shares the best advice given to her by her college coach, Geno Auriemma, “you have to be who you are - don’t try to be more and don’t let yourself be less”.  Advice that has served her well throughout her Olympic career where there was a lot of pressure after the USA had won a bronze medal and the fledging WNBA Pro League.  Rebecca talks about overcoming shyness in front of a microphone and in life. One of those voices resonates with her Hispanic heritage at a time when there were few basketball players.  She subsequently developed a fan following and eventually alongside her mother they created a scholarship to encourage diversity in medical care. Rebecca explains how she became more adept at the microphone and progressed in broadcasting from sideline reporting to calling games, anchoring and analyzing in the studio as well as sharing her experience with aspiring broadcasters.

Host: Chris Voelz, CWSA Executive Director

Podcast length: 42 mins.

A co-production with WiSP Sports.

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