Episode 25: Blitzing Parenthood with Khalil Mack

Locker Room Dads

27-07-2022 • 29 mins

Locker Room Dads is joined by new Los Angeles Chargers linebacker and new dad Khalil Mack!

The Mack household has been through some changes with Khalil Jr. joining the world AND a move across the country to California. Find out how Khalil is balancing his new dadhood!

What car are you taking when you have to get to the delivery room? Turns out a Rolls-Royce might be lower on the list if you're worried about the seats!

How do you get your kid calmed down mid-travel? Khalil brings some hard-hitting dad tips this week!

Finding out your kid knows more than you think can always be eye-opening! Find out how Khalil learned his son was might have already outsmarted him!

You aren't going to want to miss this heavy-hitting episode from one of the NFL's best!