Convo #25 w/ Lindsey Graham: Patriot Barbie & Anti-Feminism

The Unveiled Patriot with Travis Masterbone

27-06-2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

The legendary Lindsey Graham aka The Patriot Barbie! @reallindseygraham Known as the defiant hair salon business owner in Salem, Oregon. Her courage emboldened business owners all across the country to follow suit against the draconian and harmful government overreach that occurred in 2020 and her influence has compounded ever since! Host of the podcast She’s So Right @shessorightshow, author, political activist and influencer, I am honored to have her on the show and to expand upon her story and discuss some of the serious contemporary issues we face today in our country.


  • Her Story of Defiance in Salem, Oregon
  • BLM + Cancel Culture vs. Her Hair Salon
  • Her Podcast: She’s So Right
  • Yes… More Censorship Bullshit
  • Kari Lake
  • Mid-Term Elections + 2024
  • Documentary: What is a Woman? + Transgenderism
  • Feminine vs. Feminism

Much more here and there and in-between per usual!

Sorry for some of the internet connection issues and child interruption!

100% blame her :)

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Enjoy. Or not.

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