Convo #24 w/ Jerone Davison: Woke Sports & Uniting The People

The Unveiled Patriot with Travis Masterbone

21-06-2022 • 57 mins

Former Oakland Raiders & Arizona State running-back Jerone Davison believes we are at a crossroads within our nation. He’s a Christian Pastor, published author, public speaker and proud father running for US Congress - Arizona District 4. His faith has led him to where he is today and his main purpose while in congress is to protect our freedoms, combat corruption, organize direct action and spiritually uplift + unite the people!


  • His Upbringing + Background
  • Reasons to Run for Congress
  • Professional Sports + Politics
  • Wokeism + The Democrat Party
  • Censorship + YouTube
  • Donald Trump +
  • Joe Biden + The Establishment
  • AZ Election Info + Audit
  • Issues Within Our State + Country

Much more here and there and in-between per usual!

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Enjoy. Or not.

Yours Truly.

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