What I Learned Along the Way

Quilt & Tell

Apr 22 2020 • 51 mins

Alex Anderson joins Quilt & Tell! Today’s theme is What I learned Along the Way and Alex shares tips and lessons for quilters who want to make quilting their career. Meanwhile, Lori, Ginger, and Tracy are sheltering in place and they give an update on how they are feeling and the projects they are working on currently. In Fine Finishes, the conversation turns to the biggest lessons the hosts have learned in their lives.  Click here to view the show notes for this episode. Many thanks to our sponsor Quilters Select, Alex Anderson’s line of Quilting Products with RNK Distributing.  Whether it’s the ambidextrous quilting tools or the Select thread & bobbins, each are made specifically for quilters. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices