The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting | Parkland Part 2

True Crime Society

Dec 1 2022 • 59 mins

Alyssa Alhadeff (14)
Scott Beigel (35)
Martin Duque (14)
Nicholas Dworet (17)
Aaron Feis (37)
Jaime Guttenberg (14)
Chris Hixon (49)
Luke Hoyer (15)
Cara Loughran (14)
Gina Montalto (14)
Joaquin Oliver (17)
Alaina Petty (14)
Meadow Pollack (18)
Helena Ramsay (17)
Alex Schachter (14)
Carmen Schentrup (16)
Peter Wang (15)

These are the names of the 17 victims murdered in six minutes on Valentine’s Day 2018 by Nikolas Cruz in Parkland, Florida.  Nikolas managed to wound 17 additional people in the chaos and carnage.

Join us for this double episode of the True Crime Society Podcast where we discuss the Parkland School Shooting.

In episode one, we discussed Nikolas Cruz’s childhood and the timeline of the shooting up to his arrest.
In episode two, we will discuss the legal process, recent trial and will also tell the stories of the victims.

You can read our blogs for this case –

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