F-15EX Eagle II - USAF's 'Flying Missile Truck' and 'StormBreaker'

Top Gun: Maverick - Birds of Fray

Aug 17 2022 • 5 mins

If the F-15E was USAF's 'Flying Bomb Truck' then its latest Avatar, the F-15EX, is the 'Flying Missile Truck' with the EX-Traordinary Eagle capable of carrying a large number and array of missiles under its wing pylons. In a direct comparison with its 5th Gen siblings, i.e. the F-35 & the F-22 which can carry only 4-6 missiles in their internal weapon bays to maintain stealth profile, the reincarnated F-15EX is capable of carrying 6 AIM-9X short range Adams and 12 AIM-120C/D BVR AMRAAMs (equipped with GPS navigation along with a two-way datalink) as well as its under development, upcoming, modernized variant, the longer range AIM-260 AMRAAM. The F-15EX will also be given the honour as the USAF's flagship carrier of its first hypersonic missile, the AGM-183A ARRW, owing to the weapon's size which can not fit into the internal bays of both the F-22 as well as the F-35. The F-15EX will also be the USAF's first fighter jet to carry Raytheon's latest StormBreaker smart weapon capable of seeing through rain, fog and smoke while gliding upto 45 miles and hitting moving targets with precision. The F-15EX can carry upto 16 StormBreakers with the DOD greenlighting the StormBreaker's use on the Eagle II in 2020.

The 'flying missile truck', thus, is also a 'StormBreaker' for the adversaries...

Audio Credits: SandBoxx News decrypting the choice of the F-15EX by the USAF in the stealth age.

Image credits: Boeing

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