When Rhinos Fly: How a 6,000 pound endangered species put Rhino911 director Jaime Rupert's on her soul's journey to consciousness, peace and true love

The Soulfam Podcast

30-12-2022 • 56 mins

On this episode of THE SOULFAM PODCAST with Diana and Lexi, Jaime Rupert, director of US-based non-profit organization Rhino 911, shares her remarkable consciousness-expanding journey in the South African bush with a nearly extinct species. Jaime is a long-time PR expert whose billion-dollar generating work includes the US Olympics in Salt Lake City, Burger King and eHarmony among others. However, one call for help changed Jaime's life, set her on a soul journey and raised her consciousness. With less than 30,000 rhinos left in the world, Jaime works alongside the well-trained, boots-on-the-ground team of Rhino911 first responders lead by helicopter pilot Nico Jacobs to save baby rhinos whose mothers have been poached for their horns. Or just as terrible, the adult rhinos -- their horns ripped from their faces while still alive -- are left to rot and die from poachers' injuries. The horns, considered by some cultures to hold mysterious medicinal value, are sold from $60,000 to $200,000 US each on the black market.  Not knowing her soul sought a different life path, Jaime joined Nico in the sky to track and rescue injured rhinos. And since then her life, her wardrobe and her understanding of nature and the greater universe has transformed. Jaime also convinced long-time ABC News war correspondent Bob Woodruff to film a one-hour special about the rhino's plight, the mercilessness of poachers and the remarkable work of Rhino911. Join THE SOULFAM PODCAST on this special venture into nature, life and death and finding your north node. We appreciate your interest in consciousness, expansion and finding your own true path. THE SOULFAM PODCAST

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